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Welcome to NORDISC

We make musicals, arrange live concerts and produce Music CDs and eBooks.

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DK Send venligst jeres ordre via email. Husk bogens/pladens navn/CD/LP
samt navn og adresse inklusiv jeres emailadresse og telefon.
Leveringstid 7-10 dage (Tlf. 21 76 15 00)

GB Please send your order with email. Remember the book/record name/CD/LP
with name and address including your email address and telephone.

Time of delivery 7-10 days (Tel. +45-21 76 15 00)



Terms of Sales, Payment and Delivery: All goods and tickets are sold according to Danish Laws on sales to end-users. All prices are net cash including V.A.T. but exclusive of shipment. Time of delivery is normally 7-10 days. End users may return books within 2 weeks after the delivery. Concert tickets cannot be refunded. Music theatre CD-ROMs for live performances are sold subject to returning the enclosed license contract within the period stated in the signed license agreement.