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NORDISC Music & Text
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Once upon a Time...
there were two silly rock musicians, who decided to form their own record company. NORDISC Music & Text was founded in the summer of 1983 by Tonny Biilgreen and H.W. Gade. For a start, NORDISC worked as a booking agency for the Danish record company Musikpres, but in 1984, Musikpres sold its activities to NORDISC and we became record producers. Since then we have been working as a publishing house, record company and booking agency for our artists and writers.

Title Song of "The Stolen Spring" by Tonny BiilgreenThe Original Founders of NORDISC, H.W. Gade and Tonny Biilgreen in 1984

In the beginning we rented a diminutive office in the inner City of Copenhagen in a TV repair shop. Eventually, in 1985 we moved to Broenshoej, a suburb to Copenhagen, where we still have our office and administration.

In a short, hectic period in 1987-89, we produced music software. In our software days we had small sister companies in Aarhus in Jutland, in Norway and in Finland.

In 1990 we stopped making software and moved into the premises of the now-defunct record company Electra A/S in Vanloese, Copenhagen. When a major sales crisis in Denmark killed Electra A/S and most of the other Danish record companies in 1991, we finally moved back home to Broenshoej, and we are still here.

In 2002 we started a new branch of our publishing house, www.nordisc-mental-aid.com, for health related books, especially on handicapped children. The series has been one of the greatest successes in the history of the company.

In 2007, our notation software A-Play was updated based on the LilyPond GNU music programming language, so we still produce code even today. Our site www.a-play.dk covers our music teaching books and our popular free notation software A-Play.

NORDISC Music & Text of today consists of the record company and publishing activities, our booking agency and our theatre company ALPHA Centauri. We are a non-profit company, aiming at producing and marketing original music on theatre stages, in concerts and on Music CDs and eBooks.