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About NORDISC Music & Text, founded in 1983

Welcome to NORDISC

We make musicals, arrange live concerts and produce music and eBooks.

Contact / Company Info


       General Company Info

                            Orders                   www.nordisc-music.com/order.htm

                     Websites              www.nordisc-music.com (Mother company)

                                                    www.a-play.dk (Music teaching books and free software)

                                                    www.shepherdmoons.com (Rock band)

                                                    www.nispetersen.dk (Danish poet 1897-1943)

                     Address                NORDISC Music & Text

                                                    Ryparken 6, 1. th.

                                                    2100 Kbh. Ø



                                                    Phone +45 21 76 15 00




                     History                  2012     A number of classical concerts: Morungen Lieder and Sappho. Rock concerts July to October.

                                                    2011     H. W. Gade’s Danish autobiography is relased. H. W. Gade’s Complete Works is released.

                                                    2010     All the music teaching books of NORDISC are now for free. Both the Danish and English versions are supported.

                                                    2009     Two rock albums are planned, “Animal Mother” by Shepherd Moons and “Retro” by Nekropolis.

                                                    2008     Release of the HANDICAP leksikon. We are working on a new exciting opera for release 2009.

                                                    2007     “Basic Piano” in the All Aspects series, Ver. 3.0 of the music notation free software A-Play under the GNU license. New design of the All Aspects of ROCK & JAZZ including Danish versions.

                                                    2006     A chamber opera and a new album from Shepherd Moons. Classical and rock live concerts.

                                                    2005     Final triple CD version of the songs written by Nis Petersen and H.W. Gade. The total back catalogue of NORDISC from 1977-2005 available on the net.

                                                    2004     First Shepherd Moon album since 1983. The choir work LESBOS with poems by Sappho.

                                                    2003     NORDISC reactivates the music CD production after a 12 years pause. Major campaign for the band Shepherd Moons. The sales of paper health books reaches 3,000 copies.

                                                    2002     The NORDISC Mental Aid division is established with its own website and series of Health books / eBooks in co-operation with other Scandinavian Publishing Houses. Choir rehearsals of Morungen Lieder and the rock opera Swastika.

                                                    2001     Great success with the eBooks. NORDISC becomes one of the largest eBook Publishing Houses in Denmark.

                                                    2000     The new eBook label Digital Books™ releases the first eBooks.

                                                    1998     The Forsømte forår rock musical on tour. Tonny Biilgreen leaves the company, and Henrik W. Gade becomes the sole owner.

                                                    1996     The Carlstad musical and the opera the Burning Lands on tour.

                                                    1995     Founding of the theatre company ALPHA Centauri, first performance was the rock musical Rokoko.

                                                    1989     Focus on music and theatre only. Concert tours with jazz and rock music.

                                                    1987     Production of music and word processing software in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

                                                    1985     First release of the All Aspects of ROCK & JAZZ teaching book series.

                                                                  Nationwide success with the rock musical “Det forsømte forår”.

                                                    1983     NORDISC founded by Tonny Biilgreen and H.W. Gade as a record company and Music Publishing House. First albums released the same year.